A New Partnership A New Look

The Diamond League recently rebranded as the Wanda Diamond League, thanks to a new title sponsorship agreement with the Wanda Sports Group. The team at DL approached us to give them a fresh new look, including the creation of a new logo, which we were proud and delighted to develop for them.

Evolving the brand

Our initial creative discussions focussed on simplifying and modernising their existing look. After agreeing on a direction we worked collaboratively with DL to arrive at the final logo.

The end result is a logo that visually suggests forward movement and progression as well as representing all 3 disciplines on offer at their events - namely throwing, jumping and running.

Creating Consistency

Successful delivery of a new logo to all associated stakeholders, including partners and sponsors, requires a set of brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all applications. We have worked with our friends at DL to develop a comprehensive guide to help steer the brand in its infancy, but crucially without restricting it, allowing it to grow and develop.


An essential part of any brand application is how it works in the digital environment. As a first touchpoint it's never been more important to have effective brand representation through a responsive, well structured site. We are currently working with DL to achieve a frontend facelift - here is a sneak peek at where it's heading.

Let's Work Together