Whether projected on the side of a building, or unveiled across social channels - WORKS have designed & produced numerous official emblem & look reveals for FIFA over the last 10 years. Here is a taste of the latest few...

U-17 Women's World Cup India 2020

Our design for this trophy-based emblem features the marigold flower from traditional Bandhani textiles, an Indian tie-dye technique dating back thousands of years. The stem of the marigold is accented with vibrant symbols of unity and celebration derived from Warli paintings. The blue waves and droplet elements represent the surrounding oceans and rivers that are revered & worshipped across the region.

The emblem launch animation seeks to highlight and emphasise the unique blend of these key concepts, using a bespoke fluid technique to form the logo from water.

Futsal World Cup Lithuania 2020

Working with supplied brand elements, we were asked to bring to life the logo concept in an engaging reveal animation. We started by re-working the logo in 3D to give us some usable elements to push cameras around. The animation unveils a logo design which fuses the leading technology & communcations of Lithuania - via fibre optics & a digital pitch - with the rich landscapes & agriculture of the host country.

U-20 World Cup Poland 2019

The U-20 World Cup saw Poland host its first FIFA event. The competition's official emblem featured the crocus, a flower that blooms every spring in Poland, and which symbolised the new talent to emerge at the event.

The reveal animation takes place within an abstract stadium. As the sequence develops the flower petals open up to reveal the official emblem ball, and we see details of the event brand patterns and a wider abstract view of the surrounding Polish mountains.

Beach Soccer World Cup Paraguay 2019

The logo is inspired by Ñandutí, the famous traditional embroidered lace of Paraguay. It was purposely designed as a 3D model, to then also be used as the basis for the final 2D artwork - for brand consistency across touchpoints. The design reflects the cultural diversity and history of the host nation, as well as the unique discipline of Beach Soccer.

The emblem reveal animation utilises CG sand particles to create the brand patterns on the surface of play.

Works also designed the Official Event Poster which was based upon Guaraní cultural features of feathers and native Paraguayan patterns of triangles and diamonds.

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