A dynamic suite of on-air assets delivering information clearly, whilst capturing the intensity of each discipline and the close bond between horse and rider.

The FEI (Fédération Équestre Internationale) approached us to create a robust, yet flexible broadcast and OTT design system - a new On-Air identity that works for all events across their 7 disciplines and flagship World Equestrian Games.


The most important component to FEI was their vast suite of TV Presentation & Score Graphics. We worked closely with timekeepers, data providers, rights holders & host broadcasters to ensure that the new gfx pack would deliver on all levels & across all disciplines - creatively, logically & functionally.

We then integrated this with the discipline-specific motion graphics, emphasising the action and adding a colour theme to each facet of the sport.

We began with a series of client workshops addressing the existing challenges and exploring innovative ways to present the sport to new audiences. Key to the project was delivering on-screen data with more clarity.

We also developed a new multi-event Title, Bumper & Wipes package. Reinforcing the unique bond between horse and rider this element also conveys the specific flow, grace and intensity for each discipline.

Another key factor was to compose bespoke sonic identities. These are derived from a common core melody - the new theme we produced for FEI. From string quartets to electronic beats and samples these sonic fingerprints help the viewer identify with each discipline.

In order to successfully deliver a set of unique sequences, we went about carefully storyboarding and planning an ultra-slomo live action shoot, using controlled lighting & framing, to give the high-end look we wanted to achieve.

Our system is robust - allowing the discipline specific graphics to be restyled to integrate branding from competition event identities.

"WORKS put forward some really engaging and well thought out creative proposals and have been a pleasure to work with, in developing and delivering this vast body of work. I’m really proud of the end result and WORKS did an excellent job of managing the process with multiple stakeholders. It is a complex sport with complex rules and they have translated this into a clean, clear and engaging package for us."

Vassilis Paradissis, Marketing Manager - FEI

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